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Single Veteran: $1,788. Per month "Tax Free"
Married Veteran: $2,120. Per month "Tax Free"
Surviving spouse of a married Veteran: $1,149. Per month "Tax Free"
Spouse of a living Veteran. This is where they need care but the Veteran is not physically able to be the caregiver $1,403. Per month "Tax Free"
Dual married Veterans both needing care: $2,837. Per month "Tax Free"
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I was told that my income is too high. Is that true and what can I do to qualify?
Often potential claimants are told that they don't qualify because their income is higher than allowed by the VA. These individuals fail to mention that income can be offset with qualified medical expenses. Example, let's say you have a $2,000 per month income, all you need to do is spend 105% of that on qualified medical expenses (i.e... assisted living community expenses, home health care, nursing home cost). Currently a non-licensed family member can be paid to provide care and it is considered a qualified medical expense. see proposed rules change
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  What is the maximum net worth amount the VA allows and still qualify?  
  This is what the law says, under Title 38 U.S.C. Part II Chapter 15 Section 1522, statute (a); states, The Secretary shall deny or discontinue the payment of Pension... it is reasonable that some part of the corpus of such estates be consumed for the veteran's maintenance." This is vague at best. The CFR’s, the Code of Federal Regulations are regulations written to clarify the law. Under 38 CFR 3.272 thru 3.275 only states that “in determining net worth amount, consideration will be given to the amount of the claimant’s income together with the following: Whether the property can be readily converted into cash at no substantial sacrifice; life expectancy.”  
  In plain English, someone with $25,000 could be denied, while someone else with $200,000 could be approved. So how do you know the amount for your individual situation?  
  You work with a knowledgeable and experienced long term care planner. They will help you determine the correct amount you should have in your name before you apply for benefits. Back to Question  
  I recently heard that the Veterans Administration adopted all of the changes they proposed on January 23, 2015. Is this true?  
  NO! Once again the rumor mill is alive and well. The VA has not adopted any changes as of today

Though it is true the VA has made proposed changes to the Pension program, at this time they have not announced any changes. Please note the VA is not likely to adopt all the changes they proposed. They received substantial push back on much of what they proposed; therefore, it would be hard to believe they would try to implement all of what they proposed. .....Click here to learn about the proposed rules changes by the Veterans Administration
How does the VA Pension claims process work?

The Aid and Attendance Development online application is a simplified three part process:
Step one: The claimant or family member calls 727-709-0175, they provide their name and e-mail address, (phone number if they indicate they don't have an e-mail address).

If the potential claimant is receiving current care, it is preferred that an adult child or caregiver makes the initial call.

Step Two: Next we send this link to the e-mail address that was provided to the Program Call Center along with a short e-mail giving them simple instruction to complete the case assessment short form.  

Once we receive the case assessment short form which is both secure and encrypted, we quickly determine if the claimant has the two main qualification requirements, which are:

1: 90 days of active service with one day during wartime with an Honorable or General Discharge.

2: The need for help with two out of the five Activities of Daily living. (Bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring and eating)

From the form we get a basic income and asset snapshot for the claimant which helps determine the next step.

Step Three: If the claimant's assets are below the threshold to dis-qualify them (in other words they are fully eligible and qualified), we send out the full claims intake packet, via e-mail. They then have two options: they can complete the online version or use the fillable PDF version and fax, scan, e-mail or simple mail the hard copy to the address on the intake packet. Our accredited claims agent and staff complete the actual VA pension claim paperwork and return it for claimant signatures with instructions to mail it to the VA pension processing center.

If the claimant's income or assets are too high to be approved for benefits we will notify an approved planner in their area. The planner will meet with them and provide guidance to help them qualify. Once the claimant's income, medical expenses are aligned properly then we send out the full claims intake packet via e-mail. When the long term care planner meets with the claimant and their family members they will explain the process to them at that time. Then, our accredited claims staff completes the formal VA claims paperwork and returns it for the claimant's signature with mailing instructions.

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I filed my claim and have not heard anything. Is there anyway to check on the status? The short answer is yes. Call 800-827-1000. You will need your file number or social security number. Note the claimant or POA must call. The VA will not disclose information to a third party.
Keep in mind that it can take several months to receive an answer on a claim. You should at least receive a letter stating the VA has your file and it is working on it. One of the problems the VA has had is unscrupulous individuals who gather information from claimant's BUT NEVER FILE THE CLAIM!



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